a type of property right which protects the expression of ideas such as literary or dramatic works, television productions, drawings etc., from being used for commercial gain without permission of the copyright owner. Registration is not a prerequisite for protection. Glossary of Business Terms

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I. copyright cop‧y‧right 1 [ˈkɒpiraɪt ǁ ˈkɑː-] noun [countable, uncountable]
LAW a legal right to be the only producer or seller of a book, play, film, or record for a particular length of time:

• A lecturer normally owns the copyright in any book or article he writes.

• Drawings are prepared for most designs and drawings are protected by copyright as artistic works.

• She started High Court proceedings against her publishing house for breach of copyright.

• The distributer must not tamper with the content of the videos, including the copyright notice.

  [m0] II. copyright copyright 2 verb [transitive]
LAW to obtain a legal right to be the only producer or seller of a book, play, film, or record for a particular period of time:

• It's impossible to copyright a number, as Intel has found to its cost in its failed attempts to sue rival `386' chip manufacturers.

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copyright UK US /ˈkɒpiraɪt/ noun [C or U] LAW
the legal right that someone has to control the production and selling of a book, play, film, photograph, piece of music, etc. for a particular period of time: »

There was a need to develop copyright protection for computer programs.


Copyright law prevents freelance work from being included in electronic archives without permission.

breach/break/infringe copyright »

They claim the television company breached copyright when it used some of the footage on one of their DVDs.

hold/own the copyright on/to sth »

Recording artists continue to own the copyright to their work.


a breach/infringement of copyright

be in copyright — Cf. be in copyright
copyright UK US /ˈkɒpiraɪt/ adjective LAW
protected by copyright: »

The contents of this website are copyright.


The book contains a complete glossary of copyright terms.

copyright UK US /ˈkɒpiraɪt/ verb [T] LAW
to get the legal right to control the production and selling of a book, film, photograph, piece of music, etc. for a particular period of time: »

Because software can be copyrighted, it has legal protection for much longer than patented inventions.

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